Thin Green Line Sticker


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Thin Green Line Sticker

These stickers display the Thin Green Line, a symbol of solidarity and remembrance among all first responders and public safety personnel for those who live with mental health problems or have died from suicide. These stickers are made of UV resistant vinyl with a 3-5 year life on the adhesive. It is not recommended that they be applied to windows as the adhesive is much stronger than the adhesive used for normal window decals. Of course you can apply them to whatever you want, just don’t blame us if you can’t get them off later!

If you are an organization interested in doing a bulk order of the stickers please contact us for a price quote.

All products ship with a set of resource cards that list helplines for people in crisis and have a QR code linking them to the resources section of Code Green’s website.

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Weight 1 oz
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Green Line Size

1" x 3", 2" x 5", 3.5" x 11" (bumper sticker)


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