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Mental Health Resources Poster Set

These posters are perfect for hanging up in a day room or common area. They are 11″ by 17″, making them easy to read, but still small enough to be able to hang them in a variety of places. The poster features eye-catching artwork done for The Code Green Campaign by Daniel Sundahl of Dansun Photo Art. The poster displays the main crisis helplines that we recommend, along with a QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone. The QR code takes people to our database of first responder friendly mental health resources on our website. Each set comes with 25 of our wallet-sized resource cards, and a card holder designed to be pinned to a bulletin board or stand up on its own. If you need more resource cards, additional cards can be purchased here.

One set includes:
1 poster
1 bulletin board card holder
25 resource cards

If you are an organization interested in doing a bulk order of the sets, or if you would like just the posters without the cards and card holders, please contact us.



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