Challenge Coin


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Challenge Coin

A 1.75in diameter solid metal challenge coin. It has the Code Green logo on one side in full color, and includes the text “The Code Green Campaign” and “#savingpublicsafety” around the edges. The back side is a tribute to the first responder family and the fact that none of us are in this alone.

For individuals challenge coins are a great way to show your support for The Code Green Campaign. For organizations challenge coins are often used to recognize an achievement or as an award for exceptional behavior. Organizations can use Code Green challenge coins to recognize their peer counselors or to recognize someone who has gone above and beyond to support the mental health of a colleague.

If you are an organization interested in doing a bulk order of the challenge coins please contact us for a price quote.

All products ship with a set of resource cards that list helplines for people in crisis and have a QR code linking them to the resources section of Code Green’s website.


About challenge coins: Challenge coins were thought to have originated during WWI after round medallions were handed out to all the members of a unit as a way of showing their allegiance to their unit. They became widely popular in the military in the 1980s and have since spread to many civilian organizations, especially police, fire, and EMS.

They are termed challenge coins because of their use to challenge other members of the group to prove their loyalty by producing their coin. Traditionally coins are supposed to be carried on the person at all times. Anyone possessing a coin can then challenge others to produce their own matching coin. Failure to produce the coin results in that person owing the group some sort of penance, such as buying a round of drinks. If everyone present has their coin, then the person who issued the challenge has to pay up.

While buying drinks is a common wager, things like doing a certain number of push-ups, or buying a meal are also used.


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