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The Code Green Campaign has put together several curated lists of books and other items for people who are interested in first responder mental health. All products are sold via Amazon with Code Green getting a percentage of the sale. Please check back often, as we will be updating with new products frequently. Clicking “shop now” will take you to the bookstore page, which has a separate shopping cart and checkout process from our normal store. If you have read a book that you think needs to be added to the store, please contact us and let us know.

Our bookstore has 6 main categories:

Personal Stories and Memoirs – Stories written by first responders about their experiences on the job or with mental health issues.

Self-help & Workbooks – These are aimed at educating people on methods of managing the symptoms of different mental health issues.

Educational -For readers who want to learn more about the psychology and physiology behind why first responders develop mental health issues and PTSD.

Friends & Family – Reading material for the friends and family of first responders suffering from mental health issues, including books for children.

Spiritual – Books that are primarily faith based.

Coloring Books – Adult coloring books and coloring supplies! Coloring has been showing to relieve stress and anxiety (this category is our favorite!)


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